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The Edgeworth Real Estate Firm, LLC
104 S. Wolcott Suite 550
Casper, Wyoming 82601
Direct Line: (307) 473-ROSE (7673)
Office: (307) 234-2000


Rose's Review

What to Expect When You Hire Rose to Sell Your Home...

  1. Rose shows you current market comparables and similar homes that have sold. Based on this information, Rose discusses the features and benefits to your home and gives you a price range of where she feels your home would fall.

  2. Rose will walk you through your home and make suggestions of things to be done to get your home in Top Show Condition for the fastest sale possible at the best price for you. She has a video that is filled with ideas and little touches to spruce up your home. This video is available at no charge and can be checked out at your convenience.

  3. Rose will discuss with you how you want your home appointment, lockbox, etc. If using a lockbox, copies of keys will be made and a lockbox hung.

  4. Once your home is listed with Rose, her team goes into action. They  will measure your home and prepare the necessary paperwork to get it listed in the MLS computer and books. Rose's team will take notes so they can write ads on your home. An information sheet is designed and given to all agents in our office so they can tell the buyers that they are working on your home. Flyers with colored pictures are designed.   The team contacts the title companies to see if a survey is available. She also calls the utility companies to get high, low and average utility bills. A sign is placed in your yard along with a brochure box so people passing by can pick up immediate information about your home.

  5. Each Tuesday, the Realtors meet at a Multiple Listing Service (MLS) meeting to share information on listings and sales. A flyer telling about your home is designed and passed out to these other Realtors at the next MLS meeting.

  6. On Thursdays, the agents at #1 Properties of Casper meet and talk about their new listings. Then they all go out and tour these homes so they can quickly and easily answer questions about it.

  7. Once your home is "on the market", you will need to notify us when agents show your home. Rose's team will then fax them a feedback form to find out what the buyers liked about your home. We will also pass along any concerns they had. If these same concerns keep coming back to us, Rose will sit down with you to address them and help to find a solution.

  8. We will mail out Rose's Report each month to the sellers. This report will detail everything that is going on with your home...from discussing it at MLS, to showings, to other agents or prospective buyers who call on it. This report will also include copies of the flyers, ads and other marketing pieces we have done on your home throughout the month.

  9. When a contract comes in, we will make an appointment to meet with you and present it. Rose will go through the offer, point out items the buyer is requesting that you pay for along with which items the buyer will pay for. She will work up a cost sheet detailing what your approximate net proceeds will be.

  10. At this point you can either choose to counter, accept or reject their offer.

  11. If an offer is countered, you will begin the negotiating period and hopefully be able to come to terms that are acceptable to both parties.

  12. If you accept the offer we will put up a SOLD sign. The lockbox generally will stay on for a couple of weeks until the appraisal has been completed and the inspection period has ended unless you request otherwise.

  13. The buyer has the right to do, at their cost, any home inspections they would like. You may or may not be present during these's up to you. The purpose of these inspections is to be sure the home does not have any large defects...large enough that had they known about them they would not have offered on the home. The buyer should understand that they are buying a "used" home and little things like broken switch plates and dripping faucets should not be an issue. If during this inspection period major defects ARE discovered, we go back to negotiating. The buyer can pay for them. You can pay for them. Or you can split the cost of repairs.

  14. Following the inspections, there is generally about two weeks "lag time" where you will not hear much from us...not because we have forgotten you but because during this period we are waiting. The bank has sent out all their verification forms and is checking credit during this period. It usually takes about 2 weeks to complete this process so until things start coming back in we generally will not call you. However, if you have any questions during this time please do not hesitate to call us.

  15. Once everything is in, the bank will send all the paperwork to "underwriting." Depending on the lender this could be as easy as carrying it down the hall or as difficult as mailing a packet off to an underwriter out of town. Once the underwriter gives us the OK we are ready to set a closing time.

  16. We will then notify you that the buyer has been formally approved and set a time to close that works for you and the buyer.

  17. A DAY OR TWO BEFORE CLOSING we will get the figures from the title company. Rose will go over these figures with you, checking to be sure the mortgage payoff is correct and all items are included. Any costs you have will be deducted and the title company will give you a check at closing for proceeds.

  18. You should then notify the utility companies, phone company and cable company that you will be closing on your home and need them to either turn off or transfer your service EFFECTIVE ON DATE OF CLOSING.

  19. Any keys, garage door openers, manuals & warranties, etc. should be left in the kitchen drawer. Our standard procedure is that at closing the buyer gets possession of the home and you and your things should be out. If this is not the case it will be addressed in the contract and Rose will discuss the details with you.

  20. Whether you are relocating across town or across the country, Rose can help you find a new home. Just let us know how we can help.